promotional videos

A promotional piece has become an important part in the new digital era, combining the power of moving images and storytelling which are the best way to convey your idea across. In the near future, all content will be video. The audience you are appealing to, ultimately your costumers, will only consume video. Therefore, it is important to building a brand, an identity and an emotional connection. Here, we help you with all that.

  • Storytelling – We help you develop a story and connect with your audience in an emotional level
  • Visuals – We are compromised to mirror your vision and bring quality that looks professional
  • Identity – We package your product not only for one time use but a piece that is timeless

latest promotional work

In this latest piece, we collaborated with the University of Miami to showcase special programs that let students travel and study works of successful University Alumni architects with the ultimate goal of appealing to upcoming students to the School of Architecture program. This project involved these main key factors:

  • Storytelling – A structurized story
  • Interviews – Sound bites of the actual creators and their input in the over all scheme
  • Visuals – Amazing work inspires others to do the same, when you watch this piece, you want to become part of this phenomenal experience

why they choose us


An enjoyable process all throughout, from pre to post-production. Our new clients become lifetime clients!

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Perfectly Equated

Our goal is to provide an emotional connection with your audience without compromising the visuals.

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State of the Art

We work we with state of the art gadgets that let us bring shine your project in new innovative forms.

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the processThis is our step by step when creating any project, it's easy and simple!

the idea

You have an idea, and we want to stay true to your vision. We will sit and discuss all details, script, looks and feel of what you want to convey.

the shoot

A production crew varies on the complexity of the shoot and budget, it can be from three to fifteen person crew, but overall we strive for high quality image, production lights and audio at any budget.

the edit

Once the project is filmed, we move on to the post-production phase. Here is when everything is assembled, shots, audio, music and graphics into an exciting piece. You get to preview the first cut and make corrections there after. Then we deliver it to you in the format that mosts suits you including conversions for the web.

range of promotions

event coverage

Coverage of social gatherings such as networking event, parties and more!

documentary style

Documenting an event or a project with the use of sound bites and interviews to structure a compelling story.

musical piece

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