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Rebecca Black, a young 13-year-old girl became international news and the most recent internet sensation with her hit single Friday produced by a Californian Record Company.

Rebecca Black has been interviewed by national television networks and radio stations all over the United States and has become international news in less than 7 days with her recent upload of her song Friday on with views incrementing from 5 million views to 9 million one day to the next, images below.

Archived March 15, 2011
Archived March 16, 2011

The success of this music video lies in the professionalism in reflects in its production. Despite the criticism that it has been given due to the lyrics of the song, the music video would have not taken national attention if the quality of the video would had been homemade.

This internet phenomenon was created easily by uploading a creative, professional and well-done music video online.

This is a great example and opportunity to all aspiring artists who desire to become the next sensation and take the next step. Kn2s Productions provides these services to new and upcoming artists who wish to excel in the artistic environment and would like to take advantage of social networks to promote themselves and their brand.

Furthermore, we invite all aspiring artists who desire to create a professional music video and obtain media exposure. Do not miss your opportunity to become the next big hit! You may never know when your music video might hit more than 5 million views and counting! Do not hesitate to contact us for more details on how to begin the project of your lifetime.

To watch Friday click here. To watch our music videos click here.

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