the story

After Elena’s sister and nephew mysteriously drown, she is threatened by an evil force that wants her child.

Short Film Horror | 15 Minutes | Directed by Krisstian de Lara


The Whisper Premieres Worldwide

The Whisper premieres worldwide as an Official Selection of…

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Movie Poster for The Whisper Gets Released

“This movie poster is incredibly loyal to the entire atmosphere…

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featured clips

The Warning

A wise lady warns Elena about a mysterious force that wants her child…


Suspicious Letters

While Elena is packing her sister’s belongings she sees something suspicious…


La Llorona

When Diego ventures outside to play near the river, he meets a terrible fate…


Nothing's Gonna Happen

After being sent to the backyard for misbehaving at his aunt’s wake, Ricardo hears something…


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SCREENINGS: Stay tuned for information on where to catch The Whisper on the big screen.


The Online Film Festival - Online Limited Release
Canes Film Festival - Nominated for Best in Show
Canes Film Festival - Nominated for Best Lead Actress
Canes Film Festival in Miami, FL.

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it wants your child