Writer Alison Vande Bunte speaks about the lack of female lead roles in cinema

Alison Vande Bunte, writer of Limbo, a short film directed by Krisstian de Lara, produced by Kn2s Productions, and filmed in Alicante, Spain, speaks about the process of writing the story and the lack of multi-dimensional female lead roles in films. Limbo tells the story of Susana, a woman who is on the verge of ending her marriage when she finds hope from a one day romance that reshapes her definition of love.

In this official interview by Kn2s Productions, Alison speaks about what was special to her about this story and telling it through a woman’s perspective,

 “Yes we could tell the same story three different times from each person’s perspective but for me, telling the story from a female perspective and especially from a multi-dimensional female perspective is very important. We have so many films in this industry and especially in Hollywood, like if you were to go right now on to your computer and start watching trailers for upcoming films, the majority of them are starring a straight white man, and that is the norm in this industry despite the fact that women are half of the population. We still kind of always default to this straight white guy and there’s no real reason why we need to do that. If anything, I feel like having diverse perspectives is really important.”

Alison also goes into depth about was it like to watch Limbo on the big screen, and what loves means to the characters and personally her.

Check out the full interview below:

To watch Limbo’s trailer, click here. In addition, watch Krisstian de Lara, the director’s interview here.

Visit the Official site here.

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