Awaited new official trailer reveals more about El Chácharero

The official trailer of the short film, El Chácharero, a film by Krisstian de Lara, gets released showcasing more of the storyline than the previous first and second teaserEl Chácharero tells the story of a man named Edras that survives by picking up trash in downtown Juarez, Mexico. This film is the third installment from a trilogy of documentary shorts that showcase the most shocking lives from the border community of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.

The trailer reveals a 68 year old man, El Chácharero, and his hustle of picking up anything he can find to provide for his family. We learn about his process of picking and selecting food particularly from a fly infested fruit basket to make a “smoothie” from rotten papayas. He then confesses he does not take everything he finds in order for others to get a chance to eat as well. Depicting the shocking moment thereafter, with a series of shots of many individuals picking up food from various piles of trash. Edras then describes the dangers of the city and how he was offered a job as a drug trafficker. He highlights the large amounts of money involved in drugs and its demand in the United States and how it is governed by people with power. He then summerizes how it has created a snowball effect at the border. The trailer concludes with a grim tone of him explaining what he does is an art form on its self and how poor people were meant to suffer.

El Chácharero is presented by Kn2s Productions, produced by Uriel Venegas, and features music from Floating Isle and Remy Bourgeois.

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