New documentary “El Chácharero” joins the US/Mexico border trilogy films

The teaser for the upcoming short film, El Chácharero, gets released and joins a trilogy of documentary films that showcase the most shocking lives from the border community of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas. This third installment will bring together the stories of these individuals that have shaken the film community of the borderland and the world.

The first film in the trilogy, El Dragón, tells the story of a fire breather who risks his life daily making a living on the streets of Ciudad Juarez. The second film, El Flaco, tells the story of a male prostitute that makes a living in downtown Juarez with clients from both sides of the border. These two first installments have received recognition and awards from film festivals and have premiered on the big screen nationally and internationally. Both of these documentary films are currently available on streaming digital platforms such as Amazon Prime and

And now, Kn2s Productions is excited to announce Krisstian de Lara’s third installment that will live up to its predecessors with a compelling raw story from this complex and unique region. El Chácharero, promises to shake the border community once more by telling the story of a man that survives by picking up trash in downtown Juarez, Mexico. El Chácharero is directed by Krisstian de Lara, produced by Uriel Venegas with music from Floating Isle and Remy Bourgeois.

More information about this project will be revealed soon. In the meantime, watch the sneak peek below or click here.

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