El Chácharero premieres in Orlando, Florida

The documentary film, El Chácharero, is officially selected to premiere at Orlando’s Florida 3rd annual Melrose Film Festival starting on Friday, September 18th, 2020 under the documentary category. This year’s festival is going virtual for the first time and will showcase 75 projects from more than 20 different countries that were hand picked from over 1,300  submissions. Not only that but El Chácharero will open the documentary category following 9 other diverse films from around the world.

El Chácharero is a seven minute documentary directed by Krisstian de Lara featuring a man that survives by picking up trash in downtown Juarez, Mexico. All films including El Chácharero will become available to view online throughout the festival run from September 18th at 12:00pm through September 27th at 6:00pm. The screening will be available to the public with no registration required. 

When asked at an online Q&A event after the screening of El Chácharero about anything that surprised him, de Lara reveals, “It really reminded me that we never get to see the other side of the coin. We are always seen as, the US, as these angels but if it wasn’t for such a high demand [of drugs] maybe we wouldn’t have such extreme violence in Mexico and how big we play a role in other countries due to that.” To watch the full curated Q&A event click here.

During the same Q&A event, the producer of the film, Uriel Venegas, was asked the same question, “There’s many things that surprised me. […] He goes beyond of just picking up trash but brings his family to be part of it as well.” De Lara adds, “This whole thing, picking up trash and teaching her how to do it, making a living out of it, creating a circle that we don’t know where it ends.” read more about it here.

Melrose Film Festival highlights the work of imaginative filmmakers across the globe and the annual festival is dedicated to celebrate the art of visual storytelling in the forms of short films, animation and music videos. In addition, staff members will offer virtual events on scene and character development, sound effects, and 3D and motion capture animation in the days leading up to the festival.

Watch the recently launched trailer below or click here.

El Chácharero will screen online at Melrose Film Festivsl, under the documentary category:
Friday, September 18th, 2020 at 12:00pm through September 27th at 6:00pm. | No registration required.
Attend the virtual event here | Visit the Official site: kn2s.com/elchacharero

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