Director Krisstian de Lara speaks about how male prostitution documentary came to reality

Director, Krisstian de Lara, speaks about El Flaco, a short documentary produced by Kn2s Productions and filmed in Juarez, Mexico. A short film about a male prostitute that makes a living working in the dark and gloomy streets of Downtown Juarez.

In this official interview by Kn2s Productions, Krisstian answers questions such as how was it like to film El Flaco, “I brought my dad with me. We went to Downtown Juarez and drove around to look for possible stories because, technically, that’s how you find the good ones.” Krisstian chuckles,

“We stopped very close to a corner where two gentlemen were just standing there looking around, you know, very strangely. This was very late at night too, and I remember looking at my dad and asking, ‘Okay, who’s gonna go talk to him?’ How do we even do this? And neither one of us wanted to go.”

Krisstian goes into detail on how he managed to hire the male prostitute for the project and also gain a hilarious life story. Also, El Flaco‘s director talks about how the atmosphere was critical to the storytelling, what he hopes to achieve with this film, and his collaboration with music composer, Maxwell Sterling. Lastly, Krisstian hopes to show audiences everywhere how connected the United States and Mexico are during his final thoughts of this interview.

Check out the full interview below:

To watch El Flaco’s trailer, click here.

Visit the Official site here.

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