El Flaco documentary premieres in Mexico City at the Cinema Burrito Film Festival

The documentary short, El Flaco, is officially selected to the Cinema Burrito Film Festival premiering for the first time in Mexico City this Thursday, May 18th. El Flaco will screen along with ten other short films showcasing the border community of Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas at Galería Breve. Producer and Director, Krisstian de Lara is delighted to bring the story of El Flaco to an international audience and is pleased that border stories are making their way to an international appeal.

Cinema Burrito Film Festival, “La generación que nunca fue” (The generation that never was), will showcase shorts, stories and documentaries exclusively from eight independent filmmakers originally from the border community. The festival is organized by Alfonso Duarte, Daniela Uribe and Federico Martínez and will be presented by Folks, Cool Raccoon, Museo Arte Contemporáneo Ecatepec, Flor del Desierto and Rotuladora Mexicana, Tipos.

The director of the film festival and filmmaker, Alfonso Duarte, speaks exclusively in an interview for Kn2s Productions about spotlighting stories and filmmakers from the border community in this festival, “I think every part of the world has a story to tell. Unfortunately Juárez/El Paso has a reputation for violence and illegal trafficking issues. We as a generation not only have the duty to accurately tell the stories that happen in our corner of the world, but to create an industry that does not exist in either side of the border.”

De Lara explains, during an interview for Kn2s Productions, why Cinema Burrito Film Fest is exclusively screening border town stories, “Juarenses are working people, seeking a better future, just like El Flaco, and I am glad Cinema Burrito is putting the works of exactly these kind of people in the spotlight, in front and behind the camera.”

El Flaco is a five minute documentary featuring a male prostitute who pays for police protection to be able to work in downtown streets of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, produced by Kn2s Productions.

Watch the official trailer below or click here.

El Flaco will be screening at Cinema Burrito, La generación que nunca fue:
Galería Breve Colima 256 Colonia Roma – Thursday May 18th, 2017 at 7:00pm in Mexico City.
Films will be screening continuously from May 18th throughout May 28th
View the program here. | Visit the Official site: kn2s.com/elflaco

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