Krisstian de Lara takes over Sun City Film Festival

Director and Producer, Krisstian de Lara takes the big prize home at the Sun City Film Festival. Krisstian attended the competition where three of his latest works screened, films produced by Kn2s Productions, including his documentary short, El Flaco.

El Flaco tells the story of a male prostitute that works in the isolated streets of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico to be able to pay for police protection. Also, his other films were topic of conversation such as El Dragón, a documentary short about a fire breather who makes a living in the non-stop streets of Juárez and with Juárez: Murder Capital, a shocking 20 minute documentary about a case study of a local television station in Juárez.

Krisstian won three awards including the top honor, The Best Film in Festival with El Flaco. Krisstian de Lara received the award and said the following,

“I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in the process of making these films, from drivers not running over me while shooting dangerously through the streets of Ciudad Juárez, to my mentor, Patrick Mullins. Special thanks to my parents for their infinite support; this is for you mom and dad.” -Krisstian de Lara

Krisstian received the following awards:
Best in Festival with El Flaco Documentary,
Best Documentary Film with El Flaco and,
Honorable Mention Documentary with Juárez: Murder Capital

Press Release:

Watch El Flaco trailer below or click here.

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