Limbo opening scene gets released

The opening scene of the short film, Limbo, gets released for the first time over at YouTube. Recently hitting the rental platform Vimeo On DemandLimbo has also become the official selection of various film festivals and even headlining for Hispanicize in Miami, Florida. Directed by Krisstian de Lara and filmed in the beautiful city of Alicante, Spain.

Limbo tells the story of Susana who is at the most vulnerable stage of her life, she encounters a stranger who gains her trust and subsequently helps her feel loved again. This journey enables her to encounter the biggest question of her marriage, what is love?

The movie clip titled, “Hopeless Poet” showcases Susana writing on her notebook confessing through a poem her feelings towards her husband Mariano. Susana compares him to a ghost from beyond the grave and having no capabilities to communicate with the dead. Thereafter, Mariano interrupts her but leaves in a rush to a business meeting after telling her to explore the city on her own. Mariano kisses her goodbye but Susana appears to be fed up with their traveling lifestyle and crumbling relationship. In a surprise turn of events, someone seems to be looking over her when attempting to finish her poem.

Watch the scene below or click here.

To watch Limboclick here. Also, watch the interviews with the director and writer here.

Visit the Official site:

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