Martah Lozano speaks about filming Wishing Star

Kn2s Productions interviews Martah Alondra Lozano, protagonist of Wishing Star, a special holiday presentation produced by Kn2s Productions to inspire to wish and dream for your most desired goals and ambitions.

Lozano is an upcoming talent from El Paso, Texas that has hosted several television shows for local networks.

In this online interview, Lozano speaks about her experience with the Director, Krisstian de Lara, and overall experience in filming this project. In addition, Lozano also expresses the infectious synergy that was created on set.

Below is the full interview with the actress:

How was it to work the Director in this holiday project?
Lozano: The Christmas atmosphere was distilled with Krisstian’s creativity with his project in which I had the opportunity to be part of. It was an exciting experience for me which personally put me into the festive mood despite of a recent death in my family.

If you could describe the Director in one word, what would it be?
Lozano: I think if I had to describe the director in one word, it would be determination. Since I have known him, Krisstian has shown to be “ahead of the curve” like people would say. His determination, dedication and imagination sets him apart and is fair to say that excellence is evident in his work.

What was the part that you enjoy the most during filming?
Lozano: I really enjoyed seen the idea realized. These set of ideas conceiving together in film is something that takes a lot of energy; and I believe that energy infects us during the production and I believe overall it was… super cool!

Lozano finishes the interview with some laughs.

To watch Wishing Star click here. Read more about the project in the article “A Behind the Scenes Look at Wishing Star.”

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