Sub Rosa original soundtrack gets released

The official soundtrack from the short film, Sub Rosa, a film by Krisstian de Lara, produced by Kn2s Productions, and originally scored by Jose Varon, gets released. Sub Rosa tells the story of a teen boy bullied by his father to grow up. During the course of a summer, events transpire that cause the teenage boy to fall in love with his stepmother, creating a spiraling conflict between the love of his step-mother and his father’s life.

This soundtrack is featured during a pivotal moment in the film when Alan (Mario Temes) and Edna (Julie Kendall) build a connection during the summer; a dangerous and prohibited love.

The score features an incredible mixture of melodies that depicts love and danger. Listen to the soundtrack of the film below:

To watch Sub Rosa’s trailer, click here. Also, to watch the interviews with the cast and director click here.

Visit the Official site:

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