Director discusses symbolism in Limbo movie poster

Krisstian de Lara, director of Limbo, a short film produced by Kn2s Productions, speaks with us to talk about the movie’s poster design, its symbolism and overall thought behind it.

Limbo is an intriguing film about Susana who is on the verge of ending her marriage when she finds hope from a one day romance that reshapes her definition of love.

Krisstian directed the film in Alicante, Spain featuring Spaniard top talent such as Eulalia Moreno, Fernando Corral and Paco Torres. Krisstian worked in collaboration with Ciudad de La Luz Studios and the University of Miami.

Limbo Short Film Movie Poster
Limbo’s Official Movie Poster

In this online interview, Krisstian goes into detail about the overall impact of the image in the movie poster and what he seeks when creating movie posters.

Below is the full interview with the director:

Thank you Krisstian for joining us today for this online Kn2s Productions interview
De Lara: My pleasure.

Can you tell us a little bit more of the thought behind the image of Limbo’s movie poster?
De Lara: This image contains more than meets the eye. In the background Fernando playfully pulls Susana to the beach but in the foreground lies Susana’s diary which has the divorce letter that she is planning to give to her husband that night. Such beautiful symbolism yet so problematic and dramatic to Susana’s story.

How would you describe the overall impact of this movie poster?
De Lara: Breathtaking. After watching this film the audience will connect with Susana when Fernando tells her ‘either live now or never!’

Was it difficult to select the image for the film’s Official poster?
De Lara: Not at all. I always seek to showcase symbolism, realism, or hide messages but ultimately, display something significant to the story or its main character. It’s always fun to have images speak for themselves and have the audience figure them out on their second glance.

Thank you Krisstian for taking the time for this quick interview with us.
De Lara: Thank you, and special thanks to Ciudad de la Luz Studios and the University of Miami for the efforts and their support in the creation of this film.

Krisstian concludes the interview ecstatically.

Watch the film’s trailer below or click here.

For more news about Limbo, visit the Official Site:

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