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Limbo tells the story of Susana who is at the most vulnerable stage of her life, she encounters a stranger who gains her trust and subsequently helps her feel loved again. This journey enables her to encounter the biggest question of her marriage, what is love?

Short Film Drama | 9 Minutes | Directed by Krisstian de Lara


Limbo Opens Hispanicize in Miami

Limbo opens the red carpet event in Miami Beach…

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Limbo Premieres Worldwide at TOFF

Limbo premies worldwide as an Official Selection of the…

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Limbo Premieres in Texas

Limbo premieres under the stars of El Paso, Texas as an…

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special features

Director Interview

Krisstian de Lara, speaks about how important the structure of the story was in the film he directed, Limbo and much more!

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Writer Interview

Alison Vande Bunte, discuss the importance of female protagonist roles in Hollywood and in the film she wrote, Limbo, and much more!

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Trailer 2

Susana is on the verge of ending her marriage but a one day romance reshapes her definition of love. Watch Limbo‘s new trailer!

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SCREENINGS: Stay tuned for information on where to catch Limbo on the big screen.


Ozark Shorts Film Festival - Online Limited Release
Hispanicize in Miami, FL.
The Online Film Festival - Online Limited Release
Plaza Classic Film Festival in El Paso, TX.
Canes Film Festival in Miami, FL.

RENTAL: Limbo is now available for rental at Click here to rent!

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