El Dragón comes to Amazon Prime for a limited time

The short documentary film, El Dragón, comes to the leading video streaming platform Amazon Prime this month. The streaming service will also include a version with bonus features with a behind the scenes interview with the director, Krisstian de Lara, soundtrack from the film and more. De Lara is enthusiastic to share the story of El Dragón, which showcases the endurance and perseverance of the human spirit of the Mexican lower working class. Read more about it here.

El Dragón has premiered at Sun City and Plaza Classic Film Festival but it will be the first time it is available through a paid membership service like Amazon Prime, reaching a total of 86.7 million active subscribers in the US alone. The film will also be available in other countries such as Japan, United Kingdom and Germany.

The film features original music from Maxwell Sterling that showcases an innovative, submerging atmosphere, and a unique style that reflects the character of this dynamic and spirited protagonist. El Dragón tells the story of Jorge, a fire breather making a living working on the dangerous streets of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Watch the official trailer below or click here.

El Dragón is now available for a limited time at the subscription-based platform, to watch the bonus features version on Amazon Prime, click here. To watch the theatrical released version, click here. Lastly, watch the official interview with director, Krisstian de Lara, here.

Visit the Official site: kn2s.com/eldragon

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