Julie Kendall speaks volumes in Sub Rosa interview

Kn2s Productions exclusively interviews Julie Kendall, actress of Sub Rosa, a short film produced by Kn2s Productions, to speak about in depth abut the project and her character, Edna. A step-mother who tries to create a connection with her husband’s son, Alan.

Sub Rosa tells the story of a teen boy bullied by his father to grow up. During the course of a summer, events transpire that cause the teenage boy to fall in love with his stepmother, creating a spiraling conflict between the love of his step-mother and his father’s life. It’s a story about paternal and romantic love and the clash between them.

Julie Kendall is an uprising actress based in Atlanta, Georgia, that has landed several roles in feature films and television series such as, Under the Dome and If Love You is Wrong. Kendall was also nominated for Best Actress for the Miami Lifetime Awards, for the film “Amidst The Devil’s Wings”

In this online interview, Julie speaks about her personal experiences during the production of the film. In addition, Julie speaks about her relationship and anecdotes with director, Krisstian de Lara, and crew. Also about her close on set connection with fellow actors, Mario Temes who plays Edna’s stepson, and Mario Nalini, who plays Edna’s husband.

Below is the full interview with the actress:

1. What were your first thoughts when you saw the casting call for Sub Rosa? What drew you to want to audition for the role of Edna?

Kendall: A friend of mine forwarded the breakdown to me. I read the description and it sounded like a very unique story. I was intrigued, and wanted to hear more.
And the character breakdown for Edna, was a role that I had wanted to do for a long time.
As a serious actress, I love doing roles that are way out of my comfort zone, and Edna was def one that pushed me, further than any other.

Very interesting.
2. As you were reading the script, did you believe you could portray Edna? Did you see yourself as her?

Kendall: At first I was a little scared; maybe a little intimidated by her, as she is a very powerful woman, but the more I read the script, the more I realized that there was a lot of me that I saw in her, and then I started to understand and connect with her, and realized how much I wanted to play this character. I really connected with her in so many ways, that it kinda scared me, but made me really excited to explore. Does that make sense?

Absolutely and leads us right to our next question!
3. Were there any experiences in your life that maybe helped you to connect with Edna at a more personal level?

Kendall: Oh wow! Yes, for sure. So many, that it would be hard to isolate just one…I think her kinkiness, and her dirty side, stirred something in me, that was sorta dormant for me, because I’ve been married to the same man for so long, and then her loving, caring, motherly side, reminded me that it’s ok to have a dark side too. that it’s not so bizarre to have both sides. She helped me to embrace my power and my sexuality.

She brought so many things up for me, and I learned so much from her, and the people she surrounded herself with.
It’s incredible how much people can learn from characters like Edna, especially when played so well by actors like yourself.

Kendall: Thank you so much!

4. What was going through your mind when you walked in for the audition and what were your first impressions of the director, Krisstian de Lara?

Kendall: When I first walked in to the audition room, I was very excited and nervous. I really wanted the part. I felt like It was mine, because I was so connected to her. Krisstian was very warm, and very attentive to what I was wearing; how I talked, how I moved. I could tell that he was really watching me to see if I was the Edna he had in his mind. I liked that about him. I immediately felt a passion and a respect for him, right away, and it made me want to work with him. Although I was a little nervous, because I hadn’t read the entire script yet, so I wanted to see what else was in store for me, if I got involved.

Haha, who would of said Edna had even more dark secrets!
 We were casting quite some time for the character of Edna. I recall saying over and over that we need to get Julie Kendall in to audition but and it took some time for our schedules to align.
5. When you came in you obviously made a great impression right off the bat. What’s your secret?

Kendall: Haha!!! It’s a secret… I can’t tell you… LOL

Haha, just like Edna!
6. Once you landed the role, describe what was it like to work with Krisstian before going into production?

Kendall: Krisstian is a very dedicated Director. Right off the bat, he made it clear that this was a very serious project for him, and that it would require a pretty good size commitment from me, including my time for table read, rehearsals, going over wardrobe, talking about the character…. I hadn’t ever worked with a Dir that was that committed, and it kinda turned me on…. not in a sexual way; although everything was sexual for Edna, but it really got my professional juices flowing, and I started to feel very excited to work with him.
I felt very optimistic about the project.

Incredible! Now leading up to the first morning on set,
7. What were your emotions like? What was the toughest part of the first day?

Kendall: I was very excited, because I had already met with both of my co-stars/scene partners and we had started developing our relationships weeks in advance, and we had rehearsed, and I knew everyone was memorized and dedicated to their work, and to my work…so I felt like there was no way, that the scenes were not going to be anything less than amazing!

I don’t recall there being anything tough…. Oh wait…. I had a terrible stomach ache
that first night. Not sure if I had eaten something bad, or if it was nerves, or….
But I worked thru it
. My work was too important to let anything get in the way.

True dedication to work thought that. I know how uncomfortable that can be!
8. What was it like to work with Krisstian on set, did you feel pressured due to tight time constraints?

Kendall: Never felt pressured. I understood, and did my best to do what he asked. Sometimes I didn’t agree with or understand what he was asking, but in the end I always tried what he needed or suggested, and let him decide what was best. I learned to completely trust him, and started to realize that he was the real deal; that he had such a great sense for what worked best for the project.

9. Is there anything specific you remember that Krisstian envisioned Edna doing that you didn’t agree, but in the end it made sense?

Kendall: Hmmm. I know there were a few times that I wasn’t sure what he was asking for, or that it didn’t make sense to me, but I don’t recall the specifics
. Overall nothing comes to mind though nothing.

10. Is there anything specific that you remember Krisstian pulling out of your performance and how?

Kendall: Yes, finding the balance between being the cougar, and the loving, caring “mom”, in the scene where Alan is fixing the car, and I come out to see what he’s doing. I originally played it very seductively, and Krisstian wanted me to play it more “caring, friendly mom like”, as the primary approach, with seduction underneath.
I was confused, and he explained how he saw it, and gave me the time to change my approach, and get it to where he needed it.

Ah yes, we remember that very well, and in the end it came out perfect!
11. Now let’s talk a little but about Mario Temes. You had a great chemistry on screen with him. What was your relationship with him as Alan from an acting perspective?

Kendall: Ah! Yes, my chemistry with Mario Temes was amazing. He was so willing and eager to learn, absorb, embrace… everything I threw at him. He trusted me; just like Alan trusted Edna, and it gave me/Edna the power to do what we I needed to do to make things work; makes things great. He was one of the most connected scene partners I have ever worked with, and that connection made him so in tune with my every move, my every word…
He’s amazing!

Yes, he is amazing! You guys were perfect together.
12. When rehearsing with Mario Temes on set, how hard was it for you to get to the dark places you needed to be for the upcoming scene? For example, the dining room scene and the rape scene.

Kendall: Hard??? It really wasn’t hard, it just took a huge commitment, and a lot of trust, and letting go. We were so in tune with one another, that everything we did to prepare, affected each other so strongly. We learned to use everything that we shared, did, watched… together, and it made it do-able. and we also were in agreement that we would both go to any limits to make everything real, and honest
It was an incredible amount of trust.

Tell us why you think Edna gets into this situation with Alan.
13. Do you believe Edna truly falls in love with her step son?

Kendall: Oh wow!!! I think she gets a lot of satisfaction, and validation for her conquer of a younger man. It makes her feel powerful, and sexy, and young, and dirty, and strong…. she was very turned on by someone so young, looking up to her so much, and trusting her; allowing her to be his teacher, in a sense. Did she fall in love with him???? I think in some crazy, sick way, she did.
 I think she was really in love with her youth tho and how young and sexy and dirty Alan made her feel.

Yes, it really makes us wonder what’s going through her mind! It’s interesting to see Edna’s conflict and not knowing her true intentions.
14. What was the most difficult scene for you to shoot?

Kendall: The night she first seduces him, hands down. So much conflict going on in her mind. Should she? Is she that twisted? Oh! But I want his hot little body so badly. I want to teach him things that he needs to know. His dad said to teach him, so it’s alright, my hormones are raging………. So much conflict.

Yes, that scene was very intense!
15. So tell us, what was your favorite part of production?

Kendall: The people…. everyone, and I mean everyone, was so dedicated, supportive, fun, committed… It was one of the hardest productions to say goodbye to.
I hope there is a part 2, so I can work with everyone again.

That’s very sweet! And yes, part 2 would be very interesting!
16. If you could describe the Director in one word, what would it be and why?

Kendall: Oh man!!! Just one word…. there are so many that I’d want to use to describe him…. Ok, here goes…. “mindblowing”. He superceded every expectation I had of him, in so many ways. He was so professional, so committed, so connected, at every moment, so giving of himself to his cast and crew, so open, so creative, so patient, so hilarious(i know that seems odd compared to the other adjectives I’ve used, but OMG, he had us doubled over in laughter at times)…. I have never met a person that has such a beautiful blend of everything above… he blows my mind!
Oh! and he’s handsome too!!! LOL

Haha That’s incredible! Lastly,
17. What comes next in your professional career?

Kendall: Thankfully, I am having a great year, personally & professionally. I’m going to be in my very first musical production soon, and I have 4 films that I am in that are in post production, that should be completed soon, and I am about to start co-writing my very first film. All is amazing & I am very excited about the beautiful experiences that keep popping up for me everyday! Each day seems to be better than the last… have a feeling the big screen is coming my way shortly, too!!!

That’s incredible! Thank you for sharing that with us.
Julie, on behalf of Kn2s Productions, it has been great chatting with you about Sub Rosa. Thank you for taking the time with us and providing insight about the journey! Best wishes in your career and positive energy. We will sure be seen more of you in the future!
Kendall: Thank so much!

Kendall finishes the interview with a thank you note.

To watch Sub Rosa’s trailer click here. To learn, read and see more about the project, visit SubRosaMovie.com

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