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Sub Rosa is the coming-of-age story of a male teenager who has grown up under the shadow of his authoritative father. Over the course of a single summer, events transpire which transform this boy into an adult who challenges his dad in very unorthodox ways.

Short Film Drama | 22 Minutes | Directed by Krisstian de Lara

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Mario Temes

Temes discusses his character’s arc, interaction with the director & much more!

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Julie Kendall

Kendall discusses how should we interpret Alan and Edna’s sex scenes and more!

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Mario Nalini

Nalini discusses his impression of the script, the controversial nature of the film & more!

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Krisstian de Lara

De Lara gets up close and personal regarding the nature of the sexual…

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Thank you for supporting Mario Nalini’s fight against cancer

This film would…

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Sub Rosa rental proceeds to go towards actor’s cancer fight fund

We hope this contribution will…

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Mario Nalini gets personal in Sub Rosa interview

Nalini speaks about delicate experiences regarding his childhood…

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Julie Kendall speaks volumes

Julie speaks about her personal experiences during the production…

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Mario Temes speaks in depth

Temes goes into details about preparing for the character, and…

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Sub Rosa original soundtrack released

We get to share with you the exciting news of the release of the official…

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Director Krisstian de Lara gets personal

De Lara speaks about the inevitable relationship and more…

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Mario Nalini speaks in depth

Nalini shares his thoughts about getting emotional when…

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Julie Kendall reflects on her character

Kendall speaks about her inner feelings when filming the most difficult…

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Mario Temes analyzes his character

Temes reflects the character development and its evolution…

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Sub Rosa: The beginning of an incredible journey

Storytelling in film can be one of the highest levels of human connection…

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SCREENINGS: Stay tuned for information on where to catch Sub Rosa on the big screen.

Plaza Classic Film Festival in El Paso, TX.
Canes Film Festival in Miami, FL.

RENTAL: Sub Rosa is now available for rental at Click here to rent!

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