Mario Temes speaks in depth in Sub Rosa online interview

Kn2s Productions exclusively interviews Mario Temes, protagonist of Sub Rosa, a short film produced by Kn2s Productions, to speak about the project and his character, Alan. An underdog lead character who tries to explore his sexuality and manage his shaky relationship with his step-mother.

Sub Rosa tells the story of a teen boy bullied by his father to grow up. During the course of a summer, events transpire that cause the teenage boy to fall in love with his stepmother, creating a spiraling conflict between the love of his step-mother and his father’s life. It’s a story about paternal and romantic love and the clash between them.

Temes is an upcoming talent from Miami, Florida that has landed several television series such as, Complications from the USA Network along with other short and feature films.

In this online interview, Temes goes into details about preparing for the character, and his experience filming the project. Plus, Temes shares his thoughts about his first impression when reading the script and tips to aspiring actors seeking to land leading roles in films.

Below is the full interview with the actor:

Thank you Mario for joining us tonight for this online Kn2s Productions interview.
Temes: Thank you for having me, it’s my pleasure!

1. What were your first thoughts when you saw the casting call for Sub Rosa? What drew you to want to audition for the role of Alan?
Temes: When I saw the casting call for Sub Rosa, I knew I had to audition. As soon as I read the storyline my jaw literally dropped. It was a very different and unique story which made it much more beautiful. I knew it’d be a challenging role and I’m always up for a challenge to further my career.

2. After reading the script and finding out what the story was about in more detail, what were you first thoughts about the character Alan? As you were reading it, did you believe you could portray him?
Temes: Upon reading the script, I literally felt every emotion flowing through me as I read Alan’s lines. For some odd but wonderful reason, Alan allowed me to tap into the dark-side of my mind.

3. And talking about your dark-side, what is one of your favorite dark scenes in the story and why?
Temes: I’d have to say the ending. I had read and memorized the script way before filming but for some reason once we actually shot the scene itself, it was EXTREMELY powerful. Seeing the scene actually come to life was one hell of a feeling with many mixed emotions.

4. That’s very interesting and makes me wonder if there were there any experiences in your life that helped you to connect with Alan at a more personal level in that or other scenes?
Temes: Oh yes, definitely. Before each scene I’d do numerous exercises to help me get mentally ready for the scene. Thinking about a personal experience that brought up the same emotion as the emotion needed for the scene helped me further tap into the realism of Alan.

5. What was going through your mind when you walked in for the audition and what were your first impressions of the director, Krisstian de Lara?
Temes: Honestly, I was nervous! Although nervous, I was also confident because I felt extremely connected to the role itself. Krisstian gave off a great first impression, you could tell he was very professional towards his work. As a director he made sure to be clear of how he envisioned Alan in his mind.

6. Obviously your nervousness was not apparent during the audition! Typically, it takes several auditions to land a part. Was it a shock for you when Krisstian said he wanted you for the role right after your first take? You obviously made a great impression right off the bat. What’s your secret?
Temes: I was speechless and so very grateful. Like I said before, learn to embrace your nervousness and go into your audition with full confidence, play the role as if you’ve already won over the role. Don’t over-think it, just let it be natural.

That’s great advice for aspiring actors to follow!
7. What was it like to work with Krisstian on set?

Temes: Krisstian made sure to direct us to match his vision while still allowing us to add our own touch to the scenes. There was a nice chemistry on set between the director and the actors.

8. Is there anything specific that you remember Krisstian pulling out of your performance?
Temes: I had done a lot of theater work so my facial expressions were of course, over the top. Krisstian pointed this out, which has now stopped me from using my “theater” techniques on any film/TV production I’m in. It’s two VERY different worlds with different techniques.

9. So, was Krisstian too tough on you?
Temes: He was tough but honestly, I thank him for that. Him being so strict on set actually got things done a lot smoother and quicker.

Tough love is good sometimes!
10. You had a great chemistry on screen with Julie Kendall. What was the acting relationship among you two?
Temes: So emotional! Through an acting perspective it was intense, scary, yet beautiful and sweet! We both decided that we’d have no fear going into this film (seeing how intense the film was) and would do whatever it took in order to make the work that much more real.

And this relationship absolutely reflected on screen!
11. Why do you think Alan gets into this situation that he knows he can’t get out of? Was love the root of all evil?

Temes: Most people see “love” as something beautiful, Sub Rosa shows the audience how love can be beautiful while still having a very disturbing side to it. Alan doesn’t only get into his situation for love but also for pleasure and of course… revenge.

That’s what makes this story so fascinating. All layers of love.
12. What about the rape scene, what kind of emotions did that bring out of you?

Temes: Wow, that was one hell of an intense scene. As soon as we finished our scene, Julie and I held each other as she broke down in tears, it was unbelievable how real the scene had felt. Real to the point where even after hours had passed by, you still felt that deep emotion filled with sorrow, anger and frustration. Watching that scene on screen was something I couldn’t really watch.

Very interesting insight, it’s a very intense scene! On a brighter note,
13. What was your favorite part of production?

Temes: I’d go insane trying to come up with ONE favorite part! I made such wonderful friends, connections and also gained so much knowledge from this film. Knowledge towards my career as an actor and also self-knowledge as a person. I’d definitely work with any of the cast/crew members again, it was a great experience.

It’s a great story.
14. Did Krisstian change your perception of acting or your career in any way?

Temes: Yes he did. After Sub Rosa, I got a taste of what a real production is like. Thanks to Kriss and the team, I am now mentally prepared to take on any challenge life throws at me.

Winding down now,
15. If you could describe the Director in one word, what would it be and why?

Temes: Unique. He had a very edgy/unique style of directing. Won’t go into detail, much rather the audience see our work for themselves!

Mario, on behalf of Kn2s Productions, it has been great chatting with you about Sub Rosa. Thank you for taking the time with us and providing insight about the journey! We have one last question.
16. What comes next in your professional career?

Temes: What comes next, only time will tell! I’ve been picked up in various projects lately and I am nothing but grateful to be doing what I do. You can follow my career here:! 
Thanks for having me, it was my pleasure! Much love to you all.

Thank you Mario! Best wishes in your career!

Temes concludes the interview by thanking Kn2s Productions for the beautiful experience, and how grateful he is for being part of Sub Rosa.

To watch Sub Rosa’s trailer click here. To learn, read and see more about the project, visit

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